Meditation + Coaching

I hold space for others to move in the direction of their dreams.

It can be scary to make big transitions, to leave behind the comforts of what you have known for a new way of being that aligns with your personal values and priorities.

Whether you’re looking to change your career, end a relationship, or simply seek out a new path in life, I am available as a guide to help you navigate life’s uncertainties and build your confidence and courage.

My training is in an integrated life coaching modality, combining meditation, mindfulness, and personal inquiry. I don’t provide answers, but I will guide you to the questions you’ll need to answer for yourself to realize whatever it is your heart desires. 

I help my clients build self-care routines that support their highest state of being. With my guidance, the people I work with realize that the lives they long for is attainable. 

“These last few months working with Meredith have truly been transformational. I have the trust in myself and the universe that I am on the right path even if it is scary and I don’t know exactly what is next for me. I couldn’t speak more highly of the experience.”

- Brianna, San Francisco, CA

Mindfulness-Based Food Coaching

Confused about what to eat? Most of us are. Meredith can help you decipher your body’s needs and teach you what food choices can best support your own radiant well-being. Drawing on wisdom from Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine, Western nutrition, and more, Meredith will help you develop an eating and lifestyle plan that is both realistic to implement and beneficial for your own unique body.

Meredith offers coaching specifically for people looking to build or re-establish a healthy relationship with food. In these sessions, she assists clients with uncovering the issues behind disordered eating while identifying practical ways of utilizing a mindfulness practice to reconnect with food in a healthy, supportive, and life-affirming way. Sessions can optionally include time in the kitchen learning food preparation techniques to support you in your journey.

“After just one session with Meredith, I finally can begin to focus in my meditations. I don’t feel overwhelmed like I did before. Meredith makes meditation accessible, relaxing and fun.”
- Grant K., Los Angeles, CA

Meredith has coached top executives and entrepreneurs to skillfully navigate life’s challenges – including stress, difficult relationships, and strong emotions – via personalized one-on-one coaching. Utilizing methods and inspiration from her life coaching certification program, along with teachings and practices from Ayurveda and Buddhism, Meredith helps clients turn problems into power while cultivating mindful lifestyles and meditation practices that support their well-being and work. Email Meredith to discuss the possibility of working with her to align your heart, mind, and body!