It’s not just what’s on your plate…let’s look at the whole picture. I believe your relationship with food is one of your most intimate relationships. And I want to help you optimize that relationship.

Many people think they can find greater well-being by simply learning what foods to eat, but in truth they are looking for something far more profound. They are seeking right relationship with food, after a lifetime of struggles that may have included food addiction, serious eating disorders, body image issues and a general sense of anxiety associated with choosing and preparing food.

 Where many programs that seek to help people with food are limited is in their focus solely on nutrition. We construct artificial battle scenarios that basically program us to see the world as “me vs. my food.” No one feels good when they are constantly at war. And then the cycle perpetuates.

 While it’s certainly important to choose foods wisely and to sort out meaningful information from all the noise surrounding diet, the heart of many of our food challenges lies far beyond simply what is on our plate. By shifting focus to the broader scope of your relationship with food, I am able to help you examine the food relationship patterns you have held over the course of your lifetime and can guide you to remedy unhealthy habits and beliefs and cultivate new ones in their place.

We’ve all been eating our whole lives but we’ve been taught so little about how to feed ourselves. We mainly have learned from following the lead of others around us and via information we may come across in popular media. With so many shifting and contradictory viewpoints available, too many people become frustrated and feel stuck, trying diet after diet with no discernible results. Sadly, food has become a source of suffering rather than a source of sustenance. My mission is to help people find peace in their relationship with food.

Food Relationship Coaching is for anyone looking to develop a healthier relationship with eating. When we improve this relationship, our relationships with our bodies naturally tend to follow suit. We become healthy role models for the young people in our lives, as our actions are some of the greater predictors of our children’s relationships with food.

Food Relationship Coaching is especially suited for anyone who:

  • Struggles with food addiction

  • Has been diagnosed with a formal eating disorder

  • Regularly feels a sense of shame connected with food choices and body image

  • Often overeats until the point of feeling sick

  • Uses food as an escape from strong emotions or difficult life experiences

  • Worries about food choices


What I Offer:

I combine years of study and practice in the areas of Nutritional Psychology, Ayurveda and Mindfulness to offer a program that is truly unique in its breadth of scope. Additionally, I use my career as whole foods chef to inspire those I work with to become more involved in the hands-on preparation of their own food, as I find this is often a key factor in establishing a healthy food relationship.

Food Relationship Coaching is not intended to replace work with a licensed therapist or other mental health professional, but is a wonderful complement to such work. Nearly all my clients also work with a therapist for a well-rounded, effective experience.

Here’s what some of the people I’ve worked with have to say:

Even though I could see all my patterns with food so clearly, working with Meredith helped me understand what was driving those patterns so that ultimately I could change them. Finding peace with food is an ongoing journey but working with Meredith has helped speed up the process.” – Cynthia, Los Angeles, CA 

I have followed many diets but never felt satisfied with what I was eating. Now I understand better what is behind my cravings and I have way more compassion for myself so that even when I make poor choices, I’m not beating myself up internally like I used to.” – Vanessa, Boulder, CO