pranaful (adj.): 1. Full of life-force energy. 2. Feeling radiantly alive.

At Pranaful, we are passionate about helping you to experience radical transformation through the practices of mindfulness and healthy, conscious eating.

Meredith Klein offers an array of services and offerings, all of which are designed to feed and nourish you both inside and out. Whether planning an intimate retreat, wanting to support a loved one through a major life transition, or simply eager to get together with some friends for a soulful evening of cooking lessons, Meredith's experience, care, and consciousness will set the tone for an unforgettable gathering. 

“Simply being in Meredith’s presence is healing. Then, you taste her food and you instantly feel the nourishment and love she puts into it. Thanks to her, I now believe that healthy food can actually taste good.”
- Jen P., Northampton, MA

Whatever your needs, Meredith will create a menu and plan especially for you - no boilerplate menus or one-size-fits-all packages. Her commitment to create meaningful client relationships is reflected in her exquisite attention to detail from start to finish.

Planning an event? Need a private chef? Let's talk!

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