Kitchen Ritual Cooking Retreats


Kitchen Ritual Retreats are your opportunity to reconnect to the magic of cooking.

Come remember what it is to feel nourished. Experience how joyful cooking can be when you can enjoy the process from start to finish, instead of treating it as a grueling chore. Through mindful group cooking sessions, guided meditation exercises, and contemplative journaling, we will examine our relationships with food, while building culinary skills to take home and share.

Each retreat will include both cooking theory and practice, while introducing different themes and cuisines, with a focus on seasonal ingredients. Kitchen Ritual retreats are open to all, regardless of your comfort level in the kitchen.



October 5–7, 2018 // Ojai, CA
Self-Care Starts in the Kitchen

“Every meal is an opportunity to heal.”

Each time we prepare our own food, we have the opportunity to make food choices that serve our health, and we also have the chance to approach cooking as a practice that calms the mind and body. Instead of rushing through food preparation and treating it as a depleting chore, cooking can be a source of joy and rejuvenation.

Join me for a weekend at a magical estate nestled in Ojai's secluded East End, where two kitchens await us, ready to be filled with tastes, smells and our collective mindful energy.

Together, we'll examine barriers that may prevent us from finding joy in our kitchens, and uncover ways to make cooking a fun, nourishing experience that we look forward to each day.

This weekend will include an emphasis on Ayurvedic food and self-care practices. We’ll be joined by Dr. Siva Mohan, an MD with an Ayurvedic medicine practice, who will lead a workshop to help us understand why Ayurveda and self-care really do begin in the kitchen. You’ll learn about the critical role of digestion in overall health, as well as ways to monitor and adjust for your own digestive imbalances.

This intimate retreat will include:

  • Hands-on cooking sessions, including an in-depth class on Plant-Based Japanese Cuisine
  • Ayurvedic digestion & self-care workshop with Dr. Siva Mohan
  • A visit to the Ojai Farmers Market to source our final meal together
  • Guided meditation and Yoga Nidra sessions
  • Journaling activities
  • Free time for connecting, hiking, relaxing, reading
  • Recipe packets to take home
  • Two nights accommodations and all meals

Pricing & Accommodations

* Prices listed are per person. All rooms have shared bathrooms, shared by maximum 2-3 people. For those with significant financial need, contact Meredith about work-trade options.

Main House – Large Queen Bed Room (1 available)
$675 single occupancy/$625 double occupancy

Main House – Small Queen Bed Room (1 available)
$625 single occupancy/$575 double occupancy

Main House - Twin Bed Room (1 available)
$575 single occupancy only

Main House - Shared "Indoor Camping" (2 twin daybeds available in private sitting room - BYO bedding; 2 spots available)
$475 per person

Guest House - Queen Bed Rooms (2 available)
$575 single occupancy/$525 double occupancy

Commuter Rate - For Ojai locals, or those wishing to arrange their own accommodations offsite
$395 per person

To register, email me ( with your desired accommodation and I will get back to you to confirm availability. Payment accepted via Venmo or Paypal, or via other arrangements. Balance due at time of booking, or a payment plan can be worked out as needed.


About the location: This retreat will be hosted at a small, private retreat center in Ojai's East End. Built in 1908, this historic property was once home to J. Krishnamurti, and features a main house and guest house, a yoga studio space, outdoor koi garden, and a bio-pool for swimming. The secluded property is a perfect location for star-gazing, enjoying sunset views over the Topa Topa mountains, and a place where your soul will feel at ease. Click the gallery images below to see this stunning property in its full splendor!

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