Products to Support Cleansing 

You can greatly enhance the efficacy of the basic kitchari cleanse protocol with the following products. I’ve given a little explanation of each and the role it can play in your cleansing and healing process. Many of these links are affiliate links, meaning I receive a very small commission for every purchase you make. When you buy cleanse products using these links, I use all money received on my end to offer scholarships to various programs and retreats that I offer.

Ghee – if you wish to purchase ghee for use during the cleanse, I suggest Ahara Rasa Ghee. Unlike many other brands, it is created in the traditional Ayurvedic way using cultured butter as its base. This gives it prebiotic powers that aid in digestion and assimilation. A 19- or 33-ounce jar of the Traditional Ghee should provide enough ghee for the cleanse (and a bit more to enjoy after as well.) Use code PRANAFUL at checkout to receive $5 off a $35 order plus free shipping.

Triphala – this herbal blend is comprised of the powdered form of three Indian fruits. Triphala is balancing for all constitutions, and can be taken long-term for most individuals without adverse affects. It is a wonderful daily supplement to use before, during and after cleansing to tonify the colon and support healthy eliminations. These tablets from Banyan Botanicals are the simplest way to take Triphala – you can also get it in powdered form and mix with hot water. One bottle of tablets will be more than enough for a 7-day cleanse.

Chyawanprash – this traditional Ayurvedic herbal jam is prescribed as a rejuvenative tonic after cleansing. I’ve tried many brands, but the best I’ve found is from Lotus Blooming Herbs.

Copper Tongue Scraper – I’ve tried dozens of different tongue scrapers over the years and I was delighted to find these copper scrapers that are lightweight and very flexible - they can tuck away easily for storage and/or travel.

Oil for Self Massage – applying warm oil to the skin daily is a traditional way to nourish the body’s tissues, move lymph and calm the nervous system. This basic oil is appropriate for all individuals – you can also find custom blends based on your Ayurvedic type on the Banyan site. (You can also take a quiz there to discover your personal constitution.)