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Live more radiantly…for $1 a day! 

I am excited to introduce you to Ayurveda 365 – a comprehensive, affordable way to integrate the teachings of a powerful and effective ancient science into your daily life.

The Ayurveda 365 package includes 3 virtual sessions with me (90 minutes each), spaced throughout the different seasons of the year. Consider these touchstones for your year, an opportunity to check in with and assess the true state of your health, energy and well-being.

Central to the practice of an Ayurveda-inspired lifestyle is a daily routine. Together, we will craft routines that are seasonally appropriate and specific to your needs and lifestyle. If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by perceptions of what Ayurveda is about (i.e., a huuuuge list of do’s and don’ts!), rest assured that my focus is on smaller, practical steps that can be applied incrementally for the greatest benefit.

To learn more about my personal approach to Ayurveda, read more here.

I’ve created Ayurveda 365 to be the program I wish someone had offered me years ago when I began studying and practicing Ayurveda. At its heart, Ayurveda 365 is about integrating Ayurvedic magic into your life in a way that is practical, accessible and joyful. And, I’ve crafted this offering to be affordable because I believe that Ayurveda should be available to everyone.

For a dollar a day ($365), you can invest in your health and feel the return on that investment on a daily basis. Payment plans to split the cost across 2–4 payments are available, with no extra fees.

Ayurveda 365 is appropriate for everyone, regardless of your state of current health. If your health is generally good, we will optimize your routines to build immunity, energy and overall radiance. If you are in treatment for health conditions, Ayurveda is an amazing complementary therapy to Western medicine and can help minimize side effects of conventional medications and therapies, while offering holistic relief from day-to-day symptoms.

Included in the Ayurveda 365 package are exclusive recipes and Q+A sessions with me to assist you throughout each season, plus discounts on products and events I offer. If you’d like to meet with me more often, you’ll also get access to steeply discounted follow-up sessions. When you sign up by March 14, you’ll also receive free access to my guided online cleanses (spring + fall 2019).

Timing for Ayurveda 365 sessions:

Session 1: March or April 2019
Session 2: July or August 2019
Session 3: October or November 2019

You will have the opportunity to schedule a time that works best for you in advance of each session. Evening and weekend sessions will be available. All Ayurveda 365 sessions are held using Zoom, a virtual conferencing platform that lets us meet face-to-face.

To sign up now and pay in full, click here. For questions or to arrange payment plans, please contact me using the button at the bottom of this page.