Monday Meals

Monday Meals is a concept Meredith launched in order to provide Los Angeles-area residents with high-quality, organic prepared foods on a weekly basis. By forming a collective buying club, many individuals get access to the services of a private chef without paying the high fees usually associated with these services.

“Thank you for this great opportunity to cleanse and see what a healthy lifestyle looks like…I am looking forward to creating a brand new story moving forward.”
- Navani O., Brooklyn, NY

How It Works

Each week, Meredith designs a seasonal menu of 9 plant-based dishes: 2 soups, 2 non-soy vegetarian protein options, 2 gluten-free grain dishes and 3 vegetable preparations. These dishes can be enjoyed individually or mixed and matched to form meals. Participants generally get anywhere from 6-8 meals per person out of each week’s delivery. All containers are labeled and a menu is provided so you know exactly what each dish is. The shelf life for most dishes is 5-6 days. All the food is prepared with love and intention at the Pranaful Kitchen in Santa Monica, then delivered to your doorstep or, if you'd prefer, available for pick-up every Monday evening.

Why Participate?

Monday Meals is one of the most cost-effective ways to gain access to high-quality, organic prepared food. Because Meredith’s menus are inspired by Ayurveda, the ancient Indian healing system, and balanced for each season, you’ll have meals that are not only delicious but also healing. Unlike buying mass-produced prepared foods, you'll know when you purchase food from Meredith that it has been created in a calm, serene atmosphere with attention and intention. Making food is Meredith’s life passion, and she instills every dish she makes with great care and love you can taste.

If planning menus is perplexing and finding time to cook is challenging, this program is for you. Monday Meals subscribers always have fresh, delicious meals waiting for them. Just heat and serve, and you’re set. Each item is individually packaged, making everything easy to transport to work or to take on the go.

How Much Does It Cost?

The short answer is: Far less than hiring your own private chef! It’s also less than eating out 6-8 times per week.


One of the challenges of the prepared foods industry is the waste it creates. Meredith uses only compostable containers for Monday Meals. Food is delivered in recycled boxes foraged from our local Whole Foods Market, giving a second life to containers that would otherwise end up in a landfill.

Want More Options?

For personalized meal plans, including meat and fish options, Meredith offers a customized delivery option on other days of the week, as well as in-home food preparation. Please contact Meredith directly to learn more and check availability.

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