An Un-envisioned Gift

No one puts an accident on a vision board.

And yet, when an accident happens, it’s amazing how quickly healing can become one’s single point of focus. As I stared at my vision board for the year 2017 today in my home office, I couldn’t help but imagine how far along various projects would be if I has approached them with the attention and care I’ve given my body and its healing process over the past 16 days.

I’ve created vision boards over the last four years since knowing my husband, who attributes meeting me with helping him to fulfill about half a vision board’s worth of goals. I’ve had a pretty good track record with accomplishing what I lay out in them, no doubt a result of my strong pitta/Type-A/Enneagram #3 personality. The magic of manifesting items from my vision board is always in the noticing of how many things happen by sheer grace, often with zero to minimal effort on my part. In the same way, despite all the supplements, herbs and other remedies I feed my body, the true miracle is in the inexplicable way it knows exactly how to heal itself. I have no doubt put a lot of effort into the healing process, but the real magic happens effortlessly while I sleep and then wake up to notice the progress.

Ultimately, each item on my vision board is intended somehow to enrich my life, either by providing an opportunity for growth, or a chance to step away from life’s mundane to-do lists and laundry piles. We like to think that armed with magazines and scissors (or a journal, or just a daydream), we can identify all the ways the universe might conspire to aid us in our growth. And yet, the universe has its own wisdom, its own plans. A severe accident will provide beyond ample ground for quietude, deep listening and introspection, not unlike the dream trip to Bali and certainly more so than the new car we covet.

Unlike our projects, the measures of success when it comes to healing do not come in the form of a checklist and we can’t hire a coach to expedite the process. Progress is measured by a count of scabs, small increases in the range of motion of a muscle, minutes spent away from bed. There are moments when the healing process seems to plateau, and yet there is an indefatigable knowing that the body is mending itself at the cellular level, as new layers of skin are born and neural pathways are activated.

As I glanced at my vision board today, I felt at peace despite knowing that quite a number of projects and goals will likely be delayed as I carve out space – both in terms of time as well as material resources – for the continued healing that lies ahead. Although it hadn’t been in my plans for the year, I know this experience has (and will continue) to shower me with gifts I could have never envisioned. I trust that the coming weeks will bestow me with insights I can’t even begin to glimpse today.

Make your vision boards and hold your goals close to your heart. But, always remain open to the mystery of life and honor the unexpected missions that appear. Say yes when they arrive and bow to them as your greatest teachers.

CC image by Steve Snodgrass via Flickr. 

CC image by Steve Snodgrass via Flickr.